About Us

  • Strongbonds Polyseal Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001 : 2015 accredited company founded in August 1990 and focused on the production of synthetic unsaturated polyester resins for Thermosetting Plastic Products primarily used in FRP/ GRP Component manufacturing as well as Non-FRP products and coatings purposes for more than 28 Years. Our success story stands on two primary factors. One of which is Quality and the other is Clients’ satisfaction. As Srongbonds is the brainchild of a techno entrepreneur, the R&D of the company grew larger and larger with diversified product and applications.
  • Our products are distributed primarily in the eastern region of India and continuously spreading its wings all around India and its sub-continent , where the quality, the consistency and the personalized service are appreciated. The company is totally managed by highly qualified technocrats, who have vast knowledge on synthetic resin development & manufacturing as well as in hand end use product manufacturing expatriation in different   segments of more than 28 years. Quality working force with average experience of 20 years is the backbone of the company. This is a reality which places STRONGBONDS POLYSEAL as a company highly technically oriented, with a simple aim to provide a continuous and effective support to both our existing and potential customers .
  • Our aim is to develop new grade for newer applications and support our customers with suggesting the use of correct resin and delivering tailor made specification of resin for their use.
  • Our Company organization is certified since its initial years, according to the total quality management rules and processes, so that our Company standards are in line with the highest expectations of the customers